Project Showcase

Optimizing asset management with enhanced  efficiency, tracking, and decision-making

Case HighlightsOverview

Faced with the challenge of managing a large inventory of equipment and assets, an energy company experienced operational delays and losses. We developed a cutting-edge solution that centralizes information, streamlines asset management, and offers real-time tracking, revolutionizing their processes and resulting in remarkable operational enhancements.

Challenges &Opportunities

In the fast-paced energy industry, our client struggled with managing and controlling their extensive array of assets, resulting in operational inefficiencies and increased costs. To overcome these challenges and harness the potential for growth and improvement, we concentrated our efforts on the following aspects:

  • Comprehensive asset tracking and location visibility

  • Simplified asset maintenance monitoring

  • Decision-making assistance for efficient asset allocation

  • Advanced mobile scanning for asset detection and movement

  • Data unification across diverse asset management systems

  • Seamless integration with various GPS tracking services


  • timelapse

    15 minutes

    Drastic reduction in inventory audit time: from 3 days to just 15 minutes

  • local_shipping

    Over 150k+ assets

    Cost-efficient equipment visibility and utilization covering 150k+ assets worldwide

  • timer

    Less than 1 minute

    Accurate, near-real-time asset tracking with average update time of less than 1 minute

  • dashboard

    Centralized data

    Enhanced decision-making with centralized data from multiple systems


Boosting Efficiency with Global Asset Tracking and Management

We designed a comprehensive solution that harnessed the power of digital transformation, allowing us to track and locate assets spread across the globe while maximizing their usage. Our approach facilitated better decision-making and optimized asset allocation, minimizing the costs associated with moving assets and ensuring the most proximate equipment was utilized. Key points and features of our solution include:

  • Unifying and standardizing data from multiple systems for seamless global access

  • Providing near-real-time location tracking and historical data on asset movement

  • Offering maintenance notifications and alerts for assets

  • Developing dashboards and reports to manage inventory effectively

  • Enabling both online and offline asset tracking capabilities

  • Utilizing geofencing technology for location identification and categorization

  • Implementing barcode, QR code, and RFID scanning to monitor asset movement

  • Integrating with a range of asset management systems and GPS tracking providers

TechnologyBehind Success

Leveraging advanced technologies to deliver a dynamic, scalable, and streamlined solution for improved efficiency and optimal performance

  • Microservices-based architecture leveraging gRPC

  • Angular for frontend and C# for backend with RESTful communication

  • Seamless integration with 3rd party systems (REST and SOAP APIs)

  • Centralized data management from multiple continents

  • External access via API Management system

  • Scalable deployment using Kubernetes and Terraform

  • Integration with GPS service providers via Amazon SQS

  • Geofencing services powered by Tile38 and SQLServer Spatial

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