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A leap towards change

ZBRA's inception was fueled by a group of visionary developers who dared to challenge the status quo of the software development industry. Tired of the hurdles faced by developers and clients alike, they set out to create a company that could harmoniously balance exceptional software solutions with a nurturing, collaborative culture. ZBRA's journey is a vivid illustration of the power of relentless dedication, teamwork, and the unwavering commitment to a better future in software development.


To prove that it is possible to develop software solutions using state-of-the-art technology in an environment that encourages high-performance teams to work together and focus on generating value and delighting customers

  • People

    Our focus on employee well-being and growth cultivates a supportive environment, leading to exceptional service and high-quality solutions for our clients. Our commitment to people encourages team stability, providing clients with dedicated, consistent teams for the long-term success of their projects. We offer a nurturing workplace that fosters personal and professional development, driving employee satisfaction and commitment

  • Autonomy

    We believe in fostering an environment of autonomy, where team members are encouraged to take responsibility and proactively contribute to the success of projects. This culture of trust and empowerment nurtures creativity, innovation, and productivity, accelerating project progress, and enhancing agility, resulting in exceptional software solutions that exceed client expectations

  • Results

    ZBRA's results-oriented mindset centers on being customer-centric, focusing on delivering high-quality software solutions that help our clients achieve their goals. By building solid partnerships, we work together with clients to drive their success and enhance our mutual growth

  • Excellence

    Pursuing excellence is ingrained in our culture. We maintain high standards, push innovation boundaries, and nurture a learning environment to constantly improve our methods and outcomes, benefiting both our team and clients.

  • Continuously learn and strive for self-improvement

  • Seek work-life balance

  • Collaborate and share knowledge

  • Foster a respectful and friendly environment

  • Explore innovation and push the boundaries of creativity

  • Commit to your team and overcome challenges together

  • Create space for opinions that challenge the status quo

Giving backwith Purpose

Our Commitment to Social Responsibility and Community Involvement

  • Dedicated to supporting children and adolescents with cancer, GRAACC is a Brazilian non-profit organization committed to delivering comprehensive care, state-of-the-art treatment, and essential research. ZBRA, as a donor, embraces the opportunity to contribute to GRAACC's impactful work, reinforcing our commitment to social responsibility and positively influencing our community. Our support helps enhance the lives of young patients and their families in their fight against cancer.

  • As a dedicated partner of Recicleiros, ZBRA helps further the Brazilian non-profit's goals of transforming lives through social, emotional, and economic development for workers in vulnerable conditions. By supporting Recicleiros' innovative recycling and waste management initiatives, we not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also empower individuals to reach their full potential. Together, we create a greener, more inclusive future.

Awards, Recognition &Partnerships

Highlighting Our Industry Recognition and Strategic Alliances

  • GPTW

    Our commitment to a culture that values people, autonomy, results, and excellence has led ZBRA to be recognized among GPTW's top 150 workplaces. This culture fuels our passion for developing software solutions that exceed client expectations.

  • Microsoft

    ZBRA takes pride in being a Microsoft Gold Partner, a testament to our commitment to technical excellence and delivering the highest quality software solutions for our clients, utilizing cutting-edge Microsoft technologies, ensuring client satisfaction.


    ZBRA is honored to be a member of DNA USP, which highlights companies established by University of São Paulo's students, alumni, and researchers. This distinction reflects our dedication to innovation and excellence rooted in USP's academic environment.

  • Revelo

    ZBRA has been recognized by REVELO, the largest HR tech company in Latin America, for our outstanding candidate experience. Our awards include 1st place for Best Candidate Feedback (2018, 2019) and 2nd place for Best Candidate Feedback (2020) and Experience First (2021).


  • Houston

    1334 Brittmoore Rd., Suite #2315, 77043

    Houston TX, United States

    +1 832 786 9496
  • San Diego

    4660 La Jolla Village Dr Suites 100, 92122

    San Diego CA, United States

    +1 858 535 4800
  • São Paulo

    R. dos Pinheiros, 1060, cj 22, 05422-002

    São Paulo - SP, Brazil

    +55 11 2614 9182
  • Recife

    Av. Santos Dumont, 300, 52050-050

    Recife - PE, Brazil

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