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    Enhanced Data Acquisition:

    We create solutions that simplify data processing, integrate multiple sources, and enable effective visualization for better decision-making and insights.

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    Intelligent Automation:

    Our systems leverage AI and machine learning to speed up decision-making processes, reducing manual tasks and boosting overall productivity.

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    Digital Business Process Design:

    We design streamlined and efficient workflows, allowing your organization to optimize operations and enhance collaboration across teams.

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    Specialized UX:

    We elevate the user experience of enterprise software, making it intuitive and engaging, increasing user satisfaction and adoption rates.

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    Real-Time System Optimization:

    Our custom solutions continuously monitor and optimize system performance, ensuring efficiency, stability, and scalability for your organization.

Crafting digital solutions that powerbusiness transformation and growth

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    Asset management with enhanced tracking, and decision-making


    • timelapse15 minutes

      Drastic reduction in inventory audit time: from 3 days to just 15 minutes

    • local_shippingOver 150k+ assets

      Cost-efficient equipment visibility and utilization covering 150k+ assets worldwide

    • timerLess than 1 minute

      Accurate, near-real-time asset tracking with average update time of less than 1 minute

    • dashboardCentralized data

      Enhanced decision-making with centralized data from multiple systems

  • Project Showcase

    Increasing Lab Workflow Efficiency with real-time tracking and a central dashboard


    • timelapse2 minutes

      Sample Status reports used to take 2 weeks and now take 2 minutes

    • labs50k+ samples tracked

      Visibility over a larger volume of samples became effortless

    • biotechSupport for multiple LIMS

      New Lab Info Management Systems are supported simultaneously

    • dashboardCentralized data

      Central dashboard gives near real-time visibility over orders and samples

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    • SLB

      SLB is a S&P 500 company, recognized as a global leader in the energy industry with operations in over 120 countries. Its advanced technologies and solutions are widely regarded as industry standards, and the company continues to invest heavily in research and development to maintain its competitive edge.

    • NeoG

      NeoGenomics is a leading provider of cancer-focused genetic testing services, with a reputation for clinical excellence, innovation, and personalized care. They offer a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge diagnostic and prognostic tests for various cancer types, including liquid biopsy and tumor profiling.

    • Manuell

      Mauell is a leading manufacturer and provider of control and data visualization systems for command and control operations. With nearly 50 years of experience, Mauell offers complete services from concept to installation, creating modern and state-of-the-art facilities tailored to each project's unique needs.

    • Edify

      Edify Education is a trailblazer in bilingual education in Brazil, present in over 270 schools. Dedicated to co-creating innovative English learning solutions, they prioritize student autonomy, personalized learning, and client satisfaction, amplifying their educational impact.

    • GRAACC

      GRAACC is a Brazilian nonprofit that provides high-complexity medical treatment to children and adolescents with cancer. Renowned for its excellence, it integrates research, education, and medical treatment to significantly increase pediatric cancer survival rates.

    • Ethos

      Instituto Ethos is a Brazilian nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting corporate social responsibility. It encourages companies to integrate ethical values and transparency into their business practices, fostering a more just and sustainable society.

    • Liberty Energy

      Liberty Energy is a leading North American oilfield services firm. It offers groundbreaking services and technologies to onshore oil and gas explorers. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and quality, their well-trained team is committed to creating long-term value and success in the industry.

    • Minha Biblioteca

      Minha Biblioteca is a prominent Brazilian platform for academic digital books. Offering an extensive catalog from top academic publishers, it is dedicated to providing efficient, accessible educational resources for enhanced learning and research.

    • Recicleiros

      Recicleiros is a Brazilian non-profit that integrates municipalities, businesses, and waste pickers. Focused on implementing innovative and inclusive waste management solutions, they foster dignified work and environmental sustainability through cooperative incubation and training.

    • Hivecloud

      Hivecloud specializes in cargo transport solutions in Brazil, assisting small businesses in overcoming regulatory and operational hurdles. As a vital part of the nstech group, Hivecloud proudly serves over 45,000 customers on a monthly basis.

    • TPC Logística Inteligente

      TPC, with a 22-year history, solidifies its position as a logistics leader in Brazil, operating across 24 states with a 6,000-strong team. Renowned for its innovation and commitment to excellence, it relentlessly seeks creative and disruptive solutions to address the complex demands of its clients.

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Full StackTechnology Services

At ZBRA, our technology-agnostic approach ensures that we carefully assess each project's unique requirements to select the most suitable tech stack. With our diverse expertise spanning multiple platforms and frameworks, we are committed to delivering tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations, driving success and innovation in every project we undertake.

  • Frontend


    We deliver visually stunning and seamlessly functional user interfaces, ensuring an engaging and intuitive experience for your clients.

  • Backend


    We create cloud-first, robust, and scalable backend solutions, providing a reliable core for your system, optimizing performance, and safeguarding data integrity.

  • Deployment


    By leveraging portability, build & release pipelines and infrastructure as code (IaC), we streamline the release process ensuring seamless, high-quality, and easily maintainable application delivery.

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